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23. 04. 2015

Flowers laid at memorial to 16 RTS employees killed in 1999

23.4.2015. (Tanjug) - BELGRADE - The sixteenth anniversary of deaths of 16 Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) employees in the 1999 NATO bombing was commemorated Thursday by ...

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20. 04. 2015

Veran Matic receives death threats

20.4.2015. (Blic, B92) - BELGRADE -- B92's Editor-in-Chief Veran Matic has received death threats over the broadcaster's reporting about the arrival of the Holy Fire during ...

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27. 03. 2015

"Firm commitment to freedom of expression"

27.3.2015. (Beta, Tanjug, B92) - BELGRADE -- Serbian Foreign Minister and OSCE chairman Ivica Dacic says Serbia is "firmly committed to protecting the safety of journalists ...

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27. 03. 2015

Journalists laid wreaths at memorial to RTS employees

27.3.2015. (Tanjug) - BELGRADE - Initiative group of journalist-participants of the international conference on the protection of safety and integrity of journalists in the ...

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27. 03. 2015

Vucic: Goal is to take media freedoms to European level

27.3.2015. (Tanjug) - BELGRADE - The goal of the Serbian government is to take the level of media freedoms to the level that is relevant in all Western European countries ...

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26. 03. 2015

Conference on journalist protection to begin on Thursday

26.3.2015. (Tanjug) - BELGRADE - The two-day international conference entitled "Protection of safety and integrity of journalists in the OSCE region" will open in ...

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26. 03. 2015

Mijatovic: Good cooperation with Serbian authorities

26.3.2015. (Tanjug) - BELGRADE - OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic said Thursday that she had good cooperation with the Serbian authorities and would ...

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26. 03. 2015

Protection of journalists - state's priority

26.3.2015. (Tanjug) - BELGRADE - OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Thursday that the violence against journalists is unacceptable, and ...

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25. 03. 2015

Mijatovic: No security without media freedom

25.3.2015. (Tanjug) - BELGRADE - There is no security without freedom of the media and expression, and there is no freedom of speech unless we live in a secure society, Organization ...

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23. 03. 2015

Indictment for murder of journalist Curuvija legally valid

23.3.2015. (B92, Tanjug) - BELGRADE - The Court of Appeal in Belgrade confirmed an indictment against four members of the former State Security Service (DB) accused of murdering ...

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