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Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM) is a non-governmental and non-profit association, established for an unlimited period of operations, with the purpose to achieve goals in the area of development and improvement of freedom of opinion and expression, freedom, professionalism and independence of media, electronic in particular, in line with the highest internationally accepted norms, principles and standards in this domain. ANEM network is comprised of over 100 radio and TV stations (local and regional, as well as RTV B92 and Prva TV with the national coverage) and on-line media across Serbia. Members of the Association are legal entities - founders of independent electronic media.

MISSION AND VISION From the outset, ANEM mission has been to protect independent media from political and other pressures; to strengthen, through the network, the position of professional electronic media across Serbia; to contribute to the establishment of politically independent legal framework and of economically viable environment for the development of electronic media; to help the improvement of professional and technical standards in the media sphere in order to meet the needs of audience and serve the public interest in a proper way. Its vision has been to help the adoption and application of media laws; to acquaint the media with the highest professional journalistic and technical standards; to help stations become profitable and economically independent without interfering with the freedom of speech principles; to improve the cooperation with associations and media in the region and worldwide.

Building on its previous mission and vision, with its new three-year strategy, adopted in 2013, ANEM MISSION is to create with its activities conditions for the fulfilment of the role of the media in a democratic society and to build a favourable environment for the development of the media sector, particularly with its advocacy activities in the area of ​​the media regulatory framework reform and media policy. ANEM updated VISION is a reformed and functional media system in which the media fulfil their social role and which allows for freedom of expression exercising in line with European and international standards.

The Association's overall goals, set in line with its Strategy, include improvement of media regulatory framework, establishing stable and reformed media sphere, ensuring sustainability of electronic media through building favorable media environment that enables media development. Achieving these goals, ANEM has, through the years, developed numerous advocacy activities. Now, Association strives to further use all its advocacy tools in order to protect the best interest of its member stations, and consequently, other Serbian media outlets and media sector as a whole.


  • Creating favorable legal framework for electronic media in the country
  • Development and improvement of media policy and legislation
  • Creating favorable economic conditions and environment for media development
  • Strengthening the role of media in democratization of the society
  • Protection of independent media from political and other pressures
  • To contribute to achieving the highest professional and technical standards in the media sphere
  • Affirming free, independent and professional work of all electronic media
  • Participation in modern global trends in the media industry
  • Developing cooperation between the media and civil society organizations
  • Cooperation with media organizations in the country and abroad


  • Advocacy in the field of creating public policy and reforms of the media regulatory framework
  • Advocacy for building optimal conditions on the media market and favorable environment for media development
  • Public reactions and protection in cases of violation of freedom of media and freedom of expression
  • Advocating the members' interests before the authorities
  • Education of members
  • Providing ANEM members with legal aid
  • Program production
  • Contribution to program content of members by providing them with quality program production free of charge
  • Developing business and technical cooperation of members
  • Developing cooperation with partners from media sector, non-governmental sector, other stakeholders interested for media development, as well as media organization with a similar orientation abroad
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