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06. 04. 2011

March episodes of the TV series “Recognize Europe” on ANEM web portal “BETTER SERBIA”

See the selected March episodes of the TV series "Recognize Europe" on our web portal "Bolja Srbija" (Better Serbia)!

Out of 10 episodes aired in March 2011, we selected four as the most interesting ones. Here you could find out: How the handling of medical waste in "Studenica" Medical Center in Kraljevo has contributed to protection of citizens' health and environment; how much attention has been paid to animal wellbeing in the canine shelter "Zoo-hygiene" in Kragujevac that takes care of abandoned and endangered animals providing them with shelter and veterinary care treatment while trying to find them a home; how the "Palilula Handyman" service functions and why Milan, handyman, is engaged every day on helping the most socially endangered Palilula citizens repair small home defects; how Students at the Agriculture and Veterinary Faculties learn, through the practical work, how to control food quality and safety, with the support of the voluntary service of the Belgrade Public Communal Company "Gradske Pijace" (City's Markets).

We remind you that the visitors of "Bolja Srbija" also have the opportunity to participate in the monthly polls for choosing the best story of a month. Surveys showed that among the stories aired in February, "Belgrade First Business High School" has been selected as the best one. Thanks to the "virtual bank" made available for the students of this school, they are now entirely prepared for the real jobs in banks.

Visit ANEM web portal "Bolja Srbija" (Better Serbia), see the selected March episodes of the TV series "Recognize Europe" and vote for what you believe is the best story of March 2011!

We also invite you to share your stories about people, groups and institutions that have contributed to solving a problem or improving the quality of life in their communities, by filling out the form in the section "Pokreni pricu" (Start a story) on our web portal "Bolja Srbija"!

The production of ANEM TV series "Recognize Europe" is supported by the Norwegian People's Aid.

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