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06. 05. 2011

End of the series „Recognize Europe“

The production and broadcasting of the TV series „Recognize Europe" has been completed. The production has been realized in cooperation with ANEM longtime partner - production company A-media and with the support of the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA).

By implementing this production project, ANEM has endeavored to contribute to promoting positive values in our society through short stories on good practice of individuals and institutions in Serbia that improved the quality of everyday life of citizens by following the European standards.

During the six-month long broadcasting, viewers of 27 ANEM TV stations across Serbia have had the opportunity to watch twice a week a total of 50 five-minute long episodes of the series that have brought concrete examples of positive changes in local communities.

Twelve journalists participated in the realization of the series: two from Belgrade and ten from local stations. The series has been recorded at different locations across Serbia with the participation of a great number of interlocutors. The episodes were premierely broadcast in the period from November 2010 till April 2011 on ANEM regional and local TV stations. After their premiere broadcast, ANEM uploaded the selected episodes on its web portal "Bolja Srbija" ("Better Serbia"), enabling a greater number of citizens to see them. The visitors of this portal also had the opportunity to vote for the best story of a previous month.

In the section "Price" ("Stories") on the web portal "Bolja Srbija" ("Better Serbia"), there are 25 out of 50 episodes of the series that you can watch there. On this web portal you can also participate in the last pool related to this series, by voting for the best April story!

The production of ANEM TV series "Recognize Europe" is supported by the Norwegian People's Aid.

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