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26. 01. 2011

Selected stories of the TV series “Recognize Europe” on ANEM web portal “Better Serbia”

As of December 2010, ANEM web portal "Better Serbia" brings you selected episodes of the TV series "Recognize Europe" that have been aired on ANEM TV stations during November and December 2010. Every following month, the portal will bring new stories aired during the previous month. In this way as well, our association wants to promote good practices of individuals and institutions who have contributed with their commitment to positive changes in our country.

Out of 8 stories aired in November, we have selected for you the following 4:

1. Social communal company "Green and Clean", the story from Belgrade

2. Subsidy for self-employment of youth, the story from Zrenjanin

3. Housewives for elderly citizens who are poor and alone, the story from Pozarevac

4. The city of Nis supports the employment of pregnant women

On our web portal, you can also watch 5 stories aired in December:

1. How have the citizens of Kragujevac turned a neglected city area into a beautiful park?

2. After almost half a century, the Medical school in Kraljevo has a new building with classrooms on the model of the most modern European schools

3. How the communication with the police in Sombor has been made easier for the hearing impaired persons?

4. What are "urban pockets" that have started to sprout in the Belgrade municipality of Vracar?

5. The increasing number of disabled persons in Cacak being employed by the company for cup production

Watch these TV stories on the web portal Better Serbia, where you can give your vote for your favorite story of the month! The visitors are also invited to share with us their stories about people, groups and institutions that contributed to solving a problem or improving the quality of life in their communities, by filling out the form in the section "Pokreni priču" (Start a story) on this portal.

The production of ANEM TV series "Recognize Europe" is supported by the Norwegian People's Aid.

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