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26. 10. 2010



ANEM is pleased to announce its new TV series "Recognize Europe"! 




In November 2010, on ANEM stations across Serbia begins the broadcasting of TV series "Recognize Europe", with the aim to contribute to promotion of positive values in a society. The series is consisted of 50 five-minute long programs with short stories on good practices of individuals or institutions in Serbia that improve the quality of everyday life of citizens by following the European standards and values in their activities. The wide public will be able to recognize Europe more easily through specific examples of positive changes in our surroundings, also to understand better the benefits in life of an individual and society as a whole by moving toward the European Union.

The programs will be broadcast in the period of six months, from November 2010 until April 2011, twice a week on 27 ANEM local and regional television stations. The production of the series involved twelve journalists, two from the Belgrade and ten from local stations. ANEM is preparing this series in cooperation with production company "A - media".

Selected features will also be available on ANEM web portal "Better Serbia", after their premiere broadcasting.

For November 2010, as the first month of broadcasting, we have prepared the following stories:

  • Bilingual education improving the education of young citizens of Milanovac
  • The city of Nis found a model to simultaneously encourage women's employment and fertility
  • How is the assistance for elderly people who are alone and poor, organized in Pozarevac
  • Belgrade social service company "Green and Clean" offers a chance to groups with difficulties to find employment
  • Using the subsidy for self-employment, a young citizen of Zrenjanin started the production of products made of bull-rush
  • What are the benefits of applying HACCP standards in the animal food production in Vranje
  • Training at the Regional Centre for Continuing Adult Education in Kragujevac opens wide range of work opportunities for welders
  • Greater number of underground containers in Belgrade, following the example of major European cities

Here you can find announcements for all programs aired each month until the end of the broadcasting of the series. The announcements will be available in the attachments at the end of the text, in line with the dynamics of their broadcasting.

ANEM TV stations that will broadcast the series "Recognize Europe": TV B92 INFO from Belgrade; Niska TV from Nis; TV Smederevo from Smederevo; VK TV from Kikinda; TV Jedinstvo from Novi Pazar; TV Krusevac from Krusevac; TV Trstenik from Trstenik; TV Valjevo Plus from Valjevo; TV Alfa from Uzice; TV Spektar from Sombor; TV Kragujevac from Kragujevac; TV YU Eco from Subotica; TV Prima from Bajina Basta; TV Pancevo from Pancevo; TV Pozega from Pozega; TV Apolo from Novi Sad; Timocka TV from Zajecar; TV Mlava from Petrovac on Mlava; TV Santos from Zrenjanin; TV Cacak from Cacak; TV Nezavisna 017 from Vranje; TV Leskovac from Leskovac; TV Caribrod from Dimitrovgrad; TV Kraljevo from Kraljevo; TV Ok from Kovacica; TV Soko from Sokobanja and TV Sremska from Sid.

The production of ANEM TV series "Recognize Europe" is supported by the Norwegian People's Aid.

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