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14. 01. 2008


The Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) at the National Endowment for Democracy has published two new reports authored by International Development Consultant Peter Graves on topics related to the field of media assistance:

·         U.S. Public and Private Funding of Independent Media Development Abroad, authored by Graves and edited by Angela Stephens, CIMA senior coordinator, provides a snapshot of U.S. public and private funding of media development assistance across the globe. Drawing upon the results of a 2007 survey designed by Graves and interviews and research, the report estimates that U.S. public and private funding of media development is at least $142 million a year. 

download on the bottom of the page

·         Independent Media’s Vital Role in Development, also written by Graves, examines the cross-sector impact of media on political, social, and economic systems worldwide. The report provides examples of the benefits provided by independent media in a variety of settings. 

download on the bottom of the page

These and other CIMA reports are available on CIMA’s Web site at: http://www.ned.org/cima/reports.html. Also on the site is a comprehensive bibliographic database of resources with information on over 600 reports, articles, books, and manuals related to the media assistance field.

Other CIMA reports include:

·         Media Assistance: Challenges and Opportunities for the Professional Development of Journalists—Working Group Report

·         University Journalism Education: A Global Challenge by Ellen Hume

·         Media Law Assistance: Establishing an Enabling Environment for Free and Independent Media to Flourish—Working Group Report

·         Toward Economic Sustainability of the Media in Developing Countries—Working Group Report

·         The State of Media in Sudan—Special Report

·         Global Investigative Journalism: Strategies for Support by David E. Kaplan

Download the report on U.S. Public and Private Funding of Independent Media Development Abroad
Download the report on Independent Media's Vital Role in Development

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