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31. 01. 2014


Belgrade, 31 January 2014 (FoNet) - When reporting on anti-corruption, media act uncritically and with no analytical approach, giving unconditional support to the First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and the actions of state authorities, chief analyst of the NGO Bureau for Social Research (Biro za društvena istraživanja - BIRODI ) Zoran Gavrilovic said today.

Presenting the results of the monitoring of media reporting on the fight against corruption in November and December last year, he said that the media should not be, as they have been so far, carriers of good news and part of campaigns and promotions. It is very bad for the integrity of the fight against corruption that the ruling party has significantly more media coverage than the Anti Corruption Agency and the Prosecutor's Office, which are neglected by the media, warned Gavrilovic.

He pointed to the fact that Vucic, both in analysed print media and on television, has 95 percent support in the articles and broadcasts, whether it is he who speaks or is praised by others. This is not good, stressed Gavrilovic, because the public has to view critically and analytically individuals and bodies fighting corruption as it will thus contribute more to the fight.

As he pointed out, analysis of media reports showed that they are "satellite of the authorities" in the fight against corruption, "and when you are a satellite of the authorities, you not a protagonist but a subject of reporting."

Gavrilovic said it was also bad that the media accepted the thesis that over 24 cases of disputed privatization are over, although the issue is questionable because nowhere in these cases are there responsible representatives of the state. He gave the example of the privatization of C-Market, Veterinary Institute Zemun and the export of "repackaged" sugar to the European Union, where none of the media wondered who among the state officials is responsible for the frauds.

BIRODI Monitoring of media coverage on the fight against corruption showed that in November and December the number of "unnamed sources" was reduced, and so was the number of cases of the violation of the presumption of innocence, which is positive .

Dailies Kurir and Informer featured the largest number of sensational items, as well as TV Pink. The fewest sensational items were featured in daily Politika and on Radio television of Serbia.

Gavrilovic also said that TV B92 is one of the few media where the Serbian Progressive Party is dominantly represented as a positive actor in the fight against corruption.

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