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21. 09. 2009


ANEM presents the project "Better Serbia", whose implementation is supported by the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA).

The main activity of the project is production of a new cycle of the radio series "Better Serbia", which ANEM implements, once again, in cooperation with A-media. This radio series was originally initiated in 2005, with the support of the Fund for an Open Society, and renewed in 2007 with the help of European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR).

Radio production "Better Serbia" is a series of radio three-minute features that promote positive examples of engagement of individuals, groups or institutions that have specifically contributed to solving some problems or improve the quality of life of citizens. By exploring these examples and giving them the necessary attention of the media and the public that they generally lack, ANEM aims to show that we can make better Serbia on our own, not waiting on others to do that for us. Given the slow pace of changes in Serbia and the fact that citizens have not yet achieved the desired quality of life, the success of individuals and institutions to change themselves and things around them for better, can serve as a good example and model of behavior to others. Stories of good examples, treated in the features, should motivate citizens to engage and take on greater responsibility in the process of transition towards a modern democratic society, and institutions to be accountable in their work.

Within the series, 147 features will be produced, with the stories from various places across Serbia, including Belgrade. Nine journalists are involved in the production (one from Belgrade and eight correspondents). Editor of the features is Jugoslava Siroka. Features treat the topics from four broader areas deemed important for the quality of life of citizens:

  1. The municipal administration and communal institutions as a service to citizens
  2. Education and Employment
  3. Health care and social services
  4. Security and protection of citizens (particularly focused on the problem of domestic violence)  

The features will be broadcast for 7 months from October 2009, every working day, in central news segments of the program (after the news) or in other popular informative programs, on 42 ANEM local and regional radio stations across Serbia. These are: OK Radio, Vranje; Radio Uzice, Uzice; RTV VK Kikinda, Kikinda; Radio Luna, Uzice; RTV M+, Mladenovac; RTV Nisava, Nis; Radio Ozon, Cacak; RTV Kursum, Kursumlija; Radio NB, Novi Bečej; RTV Mir, Leposavić; Radio Čačak, Čačak; RTV Kragujevac, Kragujevac; Radio Ema, Bujanovac; Radio Em, Knjazevac; Ivanjicki radio, Ivanjica; RTV Krusevac, Krusevac; Radio Bus, Kovin; RTV Mlava, Petrovac na Mlavi; RTV Kovacica, Kovacica; RTV Spektar, Sombor; RTV Pancevo, Pancevo; Radio Bemin Muzikal 93, Arilje; RTV Zajecar, Zajecar; Radio CITY, Nis; RTV Prima, Bajina Basta; RTV Vrnjacka Banja, Vrnjacka Banja; Radio Boom 93, Pozarevac; Radio Odzaci, Odzaci; Radio Pozega, Pozega; RTV Trstenik, Trstenik; Radio Subotica, Subotica (Serbian and Croatian editorials); Radio Sombor, Sombor; Radio Patak, Valjevo; Radio 021, Novi Sad; Radio Petica, Niš; RTV Sokobanja, Sokobanja; RTV Sumadija, Arandjelovac; Radio Far, Alibunar; RTV Caribrod, Caribrod; Radio Kontakt Plus, Kosovska Mitrovica; Radio Pirot, Pirot; Radio Leskovac, Leskovac.

Project "Better Serbia" has an important role for the development of local media, too. By broadcasting high-quality features on social issues important for everyday life of citizens, local stations significantly improve their program content and achieve better communication with their listeners/ citizens, which contributes to the strengthening of their influence in local communities. Participation of local journalists in the production of the series encourages investigative journalism and creativity of journalists, which then contributes to raising the quality and level of professional standards of the local media. At the same time, and the wider social role of media as important initiator of democratic changes is achieved, because the local media take initiatives in the promotion of positive values in their communities. Demonstrating, through examples, that things can change, they motivate citizens to a more active role in creating favorable conditions for life, and the institutions to more responsible attitude towards their obligations to citizens, which represents a step closer to a better Serbia.

Beside the production of radio features, another activity envisaged by the project is the creation and launching of the new web portal, under the same title. Web portal "Better Serbia" will have a unique design and will be accessible from ANEM website. The portal will contain the section with selected radio features from the latest series, but also from similar TV productions planned for 2010. Furthermore, the portal will also bring some other interesting stories and news; it will promote activities of nongovernmental organizations and other formal and informal institutions that work on improvement of citizens' life in Serbia. Visitors of this portal will be able to leave their comments, suggestions and questions, as well as to participate in creation of its contents by providing their own stories of positive examples.

Using new technologies and better communication facilities provided by the Internet, ANEM will thus contribute to greater accessibility, dissemination of information in promotion of positive values in Serbia and speeding up of democratic reforms.

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