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05. 06. 2010

Completed project “Better Serbia”. Web portal still active!

ANEM has recently completed the implementation of the project "Better Serbia", with its central activity: production of radio series - three-minute radio features that promote positive examples of involvement of individuals, groups or institutions who have contributed to solving a specific problem or improve the quality of life of citizens in Serbia. With this series, ANEM aimed to show that Serbia we could create better Serbia ourselves, not waiting for others to do that for us, and thus motivate citizens to engage and take on greater responsibility in the process of transition towards a modern democratic society and the institutions to be more accountable in their conduct. During project implementation, 147 features were produced, from various places across Serbia, including Belgrade. The production involved nine journalists, one in Belgrade and 8 local correspondents. The features were recorded in 24 places in all parts of Serbia (+9 municipalities in Belgrade). There were a total of 404 interlocutors in the programs, excluding the surveys of the public and vox pop. The series was aired during 7 months, from October 2009, ending in April 2010, every working day, in the primetime block (after the news) or other the most listened news broadcasts, at 42 ANEM local and regional stations across Serbia. Production was carried out in cooperation with A-media Production Company as ANEM longtime partner.

ANEM web portal "Better Serbia", created in this project, continues to operate even after the completion of the project. The portal is aimed at promoting positive values in Serbia, as well as good practices of individuals and institutions that have succeeded in changing themselves and things around them for the better. Visitors can participate in the creation of the portal's content with their comments or a story in the section "Start the story". Therefore we invite all interested parties to tell their story of better Serbia and thus contribute to the promotion of positive values in Serbia! You can access the portal from ANEM web site - banner link to "Better Serbia" is located in the upper right corner.

Implementation of the project "Better Serbia" was supported by the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA)

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