First activity of the renewed ANEM Radio Production in January 2001, after two years long break, was the re-launching of Daily Service as a response to the needs of ANEM radio stations to enrich their programs and get quality radio features from all around the country. The Service was operating as phono-agency and was broadcast until November 1, 2004. At the same time, ANEM was gradually introducing special programs through regional projects and half-hour documentary programs in its own production.

Today, ANEM realizes its radio production projects together with its partner, Marketing and Production Company A-media.

One of the most important radio projects of the association is the news radio service ANEM National News, which fulfills the stations' needs for quality and timely information of national importance daily, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Production of radio program, particularly production of news program, is very expensive and many small local radio stations simply cannot afford it. On the other hand, providing information on local events is equally important as providing information of national importance. Local listeners want to get all information at one place - on their local radio station and in that sense, radio as the media is irreplaceable. Production of a news service that can offer to local stations and their listeners all vital information of national importance and enable them to concentrate on coverage of local events, and with that to contribute to rational distribution of available resources and reduce production expenses, proved to be a very good idea.

Two-minute news packages are produced and ready for broadcasting at 9 and 11 am and 1 and 4 pm. The extended five-minute package is prepared for broadcasting at 3 pm. The news are prepared and produced in line with the highest professional and technical standards in form and content set by the radio as media, by a team of young but very experienced journalists.

Another but not less important project of ANEM Radio Production is "Better Serbia". Despite general belief that the trends in the Serbian society are such that professional and honest work is rare and not worth the effort, there are also institutions, particularly individuals in them, who perform their job responsibly and conscientiously. This project "Better Serbia" strives to point out to the listeners throughout Serbia that these are not just weird people or idealists who do that on their own expense, but professionals whose work is noticed and appreciated (although not necessarily in financial terms) by institutions or citizens they work for. The idea of the project is to promote those positive values and trends in Serbia through the three-minute radio features, which would show that responsible and conscientious work in Serbia can pay off. 17 experienced journalists-correspondents from all parts of the country worked on the features. They all were governed by the simple principle: instead of simple journalism method that means placing the microphone in front of a politician, more complex approach to the topics of national importance was used.

To ensure the highest professional level and quality of final product in its production, ANEM trained its journalists and correspondents it cooperates with on various projects, through trainings and courses in ANEM Training Center offer. ANEM as an association has set professional and technical standards for its productions, having an educational influence through them on the majority of beneficiaries (its members and affiliate member stations), which accepted and implemented them in their own newsrooms.

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