ANEM Training Center promotes education of electronic media staff on the territory of Serbia and the professionalism in electronic media sector. ANEM Training Center also advocates adherence to the Ethical Code for Broadcasters and the implementation of those principles in practice, as well as the introduction of contemporary world standards into everyday work of radio and TV stations.

ANEM Training centre is an absolutely unique educational institution of this type on the domestic market because of its excellent knowledge about the circumstances in the media sphere and close insight into the situation of the small, local and regional media and their specific needs and ways of functioning. The courses, training and seminars of the Training Center have been organized as a result of the researches into the domestic circumstances, domestic market and the needs of the local media, as well as observing and analyzing contemporary world trends and technologies in the field. ANEM Training Center plans the courses' contents taking care not to adopt ready-made accepted solutions, but to adapt them to the local circumstances and test their sustainability on the local market.

Today, after six years of functioning, ANEM Training Center capacities continue the work within the Marketing and Sales Company A-MEDIA, with fully equipped classroom for 8 to 10 participants of all types of courses for electronic media, radio studio with editing units available to participants and TV equipment.

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