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16. 05. 2013


The workshop ANEM organized for its most successful journalists, selected at the internal competition to participate in the production of the series "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" as journalists-correspondents, was held on May 16, 2013 in Belgrade. The aim of this workshop was to present to the journalists the concept of episodes that will be produced within the series, as well as to provide them with explanation of their role and tasks in the production. The workshop was organized as part of the activities of the ANEM project "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption", supported by the European Union.

The workshop was conducted by members of the ANEM production team - Aleksandar Jankovic, executive producer and editor of the series, journalists Jelena Veljkovic and Sandra Mandic, who are also trainers in this project, as well as Zlatko Minic - journalist and an anti-corruption expert.

12 out of 14 journalists-correspondents selected from ANEM member stations across Serbia participated in the workshop: Oliver Trajkovic from Bujanovac, Novka Ilic from Uzice, Dragica Pavlov Krstic from Pirot, Dijana Suboticki from Kikinda, Ivana Petrovic from Nis, Darija Rankovic from Valjevo, Miodrag Sovilj from Novi Sad, Sandra Irsevic from Subotica, Dijana Scekic Astalkovski from Sremska Mitrovica, Milan Petrovic from Knjazevac, Uros Urosevic from Pozarevac and Tatjana Djuric from Smederevo. Journalists-correspondents from stations across the country were selected in the internal competition carried out by ANEM among its members during March and April.

In this workshop, which served as the editorial meeting, members of the production team from Belgrade provided detailed explanations to local journalists-correspondents with regards to their role and responsibilities in the production of the series "llustrated Glossary of Corruption". Also, 20 selected terms related to corruption, to be illustrated in the episodes by means of relevant local stories, were carefully considered and individually explained. Every journalist-correspondent was assigned with a specific topic/term related to corruption and precisely defined tasks related to research of relevant stories, writing of synopses of local stories, providing contacts with interlocutors, logistical support for the organization of the recording, participation in the recording of the materials, as well as other forms of collaboration with lead journalists/trainers. Additionally, the journalists-correspondents were introduced to the concept of episodes to be produced under this project, while a special emphasis was given to the work methodology, research and preparation for the recording of the programs.

The series "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" will consist of 21 radio and 21 TV episodes. Each of 20 radio and 20 TV episodes will treat one out of 20 key terms related to corruption, selected and defined by experts of the Anti-Corruption Agency, while the 21st episode, both radio and TV, will represent a retrospective of all the previous ones and analysed terms related to corruption. The episodes will contain a significant educational component in order to contribute to educating citizens about corruption, its various forms and mechanisms of preventing and combating it. The series will be broadcast at the beginning of 2014 on ANEM local and regional radio and TV stations across Serbia.

The results of the survey, completed by the workshop participants, show that the workshop has reached its objective - to make the concept of programs, roles in the production and concrete assignments completely clear to journalists-correspondents. Participants in the workshop also assessed that this kind of preparation was deemed extremely important and that it would significantly contribute to quality of their work.



ANEM's Project "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" is financed by the European Union within the Civil Society Facility Programme.



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