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FM 88,8 MHz

UHF 53, UHF 69

Ive Bajazita 2
11 420 S.Palanka

tel/fax. 026/340 990




The Private Broadcasting Company RTV DEVIC was founded in 1992, by DEVIC Ltd., a Private Company for Construction works, General trade, (both wholesale & retail) domestically and abroad and Restaurant business in Smederevska Palanka, Serbia.

DEVIC Ltd. was established in 1989, was among the first private enterprise in Serbia, and it's fully owned by Petar Devic and Miroslav Devic.

Radio DEVIC started working in 1992 as a part of RTV DEVIC. In the same year, Federal Telecommunication Ministry approved a temporary license for its frequency. Television Devic began its work in 1996.Unlike Radio, which primarily targets at younger audience and _ broadcasts exclusively pop music and contact programs, TV DEVIC attempts to satisfy interests of all generations with informative, political and entertaining program structure. The program consists of internal production, B92 production and serial and entertaining programs of ANEM. (Association of independent
electronic media).

RTV DEVIC strives to achieve the highest professional standards. Reporting the democratic process and informing television audience are at the heart of RTV Devic's public service mission. We maintain the highest ethical standards in accomplishing our mission. Despite the financial struggle, the difficulty during the Milosevic era(RTV DEVIC was banned and equipment was seized from the station)and uncertainties with new competition for frequency after new laws go into effect, we were made stronger and more confident. This gives RTV DEVIC an edge over our competitors in building an audience.
In this competitive context, the RTV DEVIC has a clear responsibility to maintain its high standard and to insure that radio and TV audiences can receive appropriate news reports.

RTV DEVIC covers several counties in central Serbia and has 600,000 potential Spectators. (Actual number reached is 280,000) According to latest research conducted for IREX-PRO MEDIA by SMMRI (Strategic Marketing& Media Research Institute) showed that RTV DEVIC continues to reach more viewers and its audience share has grown significantly over the last year. Reports, also showed that viewers followed RTV DEVIC broadcasts an average of 44 min. daily, beating most of National RTV Stations in the territory of Smed. Palanka.Being independent and uncorrupted our TV station is gaining popularity from day to day.

RTV DEVIC is a member of ANEM since 1997 and a member of the Association of private radio and TV station-Spektar.

For additional information or to place ads please call:

In Serbia

Tel/Fax:  381- (0)26 322-999
or mail to: wwwRTPDEVIC@EUNET.YU
attn.: Petar Devic


Tel/Fax: 991- (724) 846-0486
or mail to: wwwMDEVIC@BRADS.NET
attn.: Misha Devic

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