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30. 11. 2012

Watch TV series "Our media"

Here, you can watch five TV programs of the radio series "Naši mediji" ("Our media") as well as the 26-minute TV magazine compiled of parts of five TV episodes.

Sta smo ocekivali
The first program, "What we expected and what we have gained" raises questions about media laws and their application: have the media laws been passed in time and have they really regulated media sphere, or they have just opened the space for chaos; who is responsible for inconsistent application of existing laws; why have we ended up with "crooked" privatization, instead of a normal one; the work of independent regulatory bodies.

Neko cudno trziste
The main question tackled in the second program, entitled "An odd market", is whether we have the normal media market and healthy competition, that is, whether the conditions for a real fair competition on the media market have been created; how small marketing budgets are "shared"; how is the functioning of the market is affected by the fact the state has not yet withdrawn from the media ownership, despite the legal obligation.

Politicki pritisak
In the third program "Political pressure", the interviewees talk about how much the political power is suppressing the media, and above all how and why politicians influence the suppression of media freedom; how has the connection between media and political and financial power centers prevailed; how the politics controls media through budget funds, and how is that affecting the allocation of  the advertising share.

Sta je sa profesijom
"What about the profession" is the title of the fourth program, which is dealing with the question whether the professionalism has been sacrificed for the sake of mere survival. Interviewees talk about how the economic problems are affecting quality of journalism and program, to what extent have the media resorted to bad compromises with politicians and the business in order to survive and whether journalists and the media have become goods that are not hard to buy.

Ima li svetla
Will the independent media survive and how? Why are the independent local media as important for democracy today and how much the citizens would be at loss if these media were shut down? These are the questions treated in the fifth episode "Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?"

TV magazine

Interlocutors: Slobodan Krajnovic (Radio 021, Novi Sad), Milorad Tadic (Radio Boom 93, Pozarevac), Aleksandar Rankovic (Radio Luna, Uzice), Boban Tomic (RTV Prima, Bajina Basta), Svetlana Kojanovic (former editor, TV Cacak), Stojan Markovic (Radio Ozon, Cacak), Dragan Kocic (Radio City, Nis), Sasa Mirkovic (ANEM President), Dusan Masic (media expert), Slobodan Kremenjak (media law expert), Goran Karadzic (Vice President of the RBA).

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