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18. 09. 2009


ANEM, in cooperation with the Slovak NGO "Pontis Foundation", provided its stations with the freely broadcasting of 3 documentary films about the EU integration process of the Visegrad four countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland). "Pontis Foundation", in cooperation with RTV B92, produced these films as  a part of a wider project "Visegrad for a European Serbia", supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Considering the historical closeness of these countries with Serbia, the authors of the project believed that the experiences of these four young members of the European Union were very important for Serbia, which is just on the threshold of European integration. The main purpose of these films is to explain and demonstrate to the Serbian public the process of EU integration of former communist countries of the Visegrad four. These films contain interviews with politicians who were directly involved in this process and in negotiations with the European Union, as well as interviews with intellectuals, analysts and ordinary people: retired citizens, people from average families and students. Thus, the films show the reforms that followed the integration process from multiple perspectives. They tend to present positive and negative sides of these countries entering the EU, and emphasize the advantages, but also the difficulties related to their economies and citizens.

The serial consists of 3 documentary films: Young Europe - Slovakia; Young Europe - Poland and Young Europe - Hungary / Czech Republic, and each lasts for about twenty minutes.

The Belgrade series premiere was on cable channel RTV B92 Info. As none of the national television stations broadcasted the series, the national coverage will be achieved by broadcasting on the local and regional televisions, ANEM member stations and affiliates that have the exclusive right to broadcast in their cities. The series are aired in September and October 2009, at 27 ANEM local and regional TV stations as follows: RTV Caribrod, Caribrod; RTV Kovacica, Kovacica; RTV Kragujevac, Kragujevac; RTV Krusevac, Krusevac; RTV Kursum, Kursumlija; RTV Mag, Obrenovac; RTV Mlava, Petrovac on Mlava; RTV Nisava, Nis; RTV Prima, Bajina Basta; RTV Sokobanja, Sokobanja; RTV Trstenik, Trstenik; RTV VK Kikinda, Kikinda; RTV Zajecar, Zajecar; TV Cacak, Cacak; TV Jedinstvo, Novi Pazar; TV Panovizija, Vrsac; TV Pirot, Pirot; TV Valjevo, Valjevo; RTV M+, Mladenovac; TV Niska, Nis; TV Pozega, Pozega; TV Apolo, Novi Sad; RTV Pancevo, Pancevo; RTV Spektar, Sombor; TV Leskovac, Leskovac; TV Sumadija, Arandjelovac and RTV Kraljevo, from Kraljevo.

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