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20. 07. 2009





ANEM has a long term policy to grow, develop and expand its influence. At the very beginning, Association had seven media outlets, and this number increased after 2000 to over 100 stations. After the frequency allocation, 95 ANEM stations legally broadcast their program, which makes approximately one fourth of all broadcasting licensing awarded. Association constantly advocates for stations’ better positioning in the market, before regulatory bodies and other authorities and works on establishment of more favorable regulatory framework, important for improvement of media environment.

In 2009, ANEM continues with its policy of membership expansion. Larger number of stations in membership can ensure better sustainability of Association and greater influence and impact of its actions.

Through the project “Expanding ANEM membership”, supported by USAID and IREX Serbia, ANEM began with direct visits to local and regional stations in various locations in Serbia. Out of the 18 planned stations, representatives of ANEM Secretariat visited 13 stations, during July. Pre-selection of the stations was conducted by members of the Managing Board, according to the requests of stations themselves or on the recommendations of A-media and other ANEM reliable partners.

Visits are primarily intended to affiliate members, which have potential to uplift their status to full-time membership, and also to the stations which are not yet part of the Association network, but can become worthy members.

The main goal of these visits is to directly estimate technical, economical and human resources, program concepts and accordance with ANEM overall goals of those stations.

Besides the direct insight, each visited station is obliged to complete the survey prepared by ANEM Secretariat. Each visit is followed by the report which will enable comparable data and objective estimation if the conditions for potential enrolment in Association are met.

Reports and recommendations for possible acceptance in the membership will be submitted to the ANEM Managing Board, along with the integral report submitted at the end of visits. Based on that, Managing Board will estimate with what stations will organize direct talks and after these meetings, will reach the decision which stations to accept in affiliate membership or recommend for the full-time membership. Final decision on acceptance for full-time membership will be brought at ANEM Assembly, planned for the end of this year.

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