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19. 05. 2009


ANEM, in cooperation with independent production  ShockArt and author Olivera Miloš Todorović, provided its stations free broadcasting of 8 half-an-hour episodes of TV serial „The tree of life/Extraordinary forest“.

Continuing the main idea of documentary movie „The tree of life“, which covered the topic of children without parental care and which was awarded for the investigative journalism story in 2008, the serial
„Extraordinary forest“mainly deals with the system of social care, from the perspective of those who work in that system and experts of specific background and experience in child care and children’s rights. The serial involves stand points of those who are decision makers and directly in charge of providing the help for the children without parental care. „Extraordinary forest“has a principal goal to overcome the gap that exists between relevant Ministry, institutions, facilities within the social care system and realistic destinies of the children without parental care.

The serial raises several issues: do we have the right to judge those who abandon their children; why does the adoption process lasts for three years; does the living in the institutions slows down children’s emotional and social development and can it ever be overcome; who does one find adequate family and who controls the foster parents; what are the stand points of the employees toward the abused children; does state provides enough help to families with disabled children; why are the kids who live in institutions and who are no longer under the care of social system target of the human trafficking?

Belgrade premiere of the TV serial was on TV Studio B. None of the national televisions broadcasted the serial, but the national coverage was achieved through local and regional stations, ANEM members, which had exclusive rights to premiere broadcast in their towns.

The serial is broadcasted during May and June, once a week, on the 13 ANEM local and regional TV stations:  TV Kraljevo, TV Kragujevac, TV Jedinstvo Novi Pazar, TV Pirot, TV Pancevo, TV Zajecar, TV Prima, TV Pozega, TV Kursum, TV Spektar Sombor, TV VK Kikinda, TV OK Kovacica, TV Panovizija.

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