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FM 104,9 MHz

Ćirila i Metodija 24
18000 Niš
018/ 526 796

faks: 526 797




Radio "City" stands for one of the most important symbols of the media sphere in South Serbia today. According to the surveys of listeners, carried by the Strategic Marketing and Media Research Institute Group /SMMRI/, City Radio is the most listened to radio station in Nis by the group of listeners between 25 and 45 years old.

The station accentuates municipal events and city stories in its program orientation, nurturing the tendencies toward real urban radio. Prime time is between 7 am and 3 pm, designed mostly for those listening while working and filled with news, service information and greatest hits of eighties and nineties.

Everywhere around you! - is the motto of the City Radio, which keeps its listeners regularly supplied with fresh and timely news on all important events and occurrences in the city, with inevitable on-air interviews with important public persons, live reporting, contact programs and so on.

City Radio format is AC hot (Adult Contemporary), configured according to the model of modern European media. The station also created an identifiable production image which distinguishes it from other media that broadcast their program in Nis region.

Although established in 1996, City Radio began broadcasting its program on recognizable frequency 104.7 MHz on June 15, 2000. This date is thus symbolically marked as the station's anniversary. However, from June 2006, City Radio broadcasts its program on 104.9 MHz. This change of frequency is the result of the process of regulating media sphere in Serbia and final allocation of regional and local frequencies.

City Radio is the first laureate of ANEM Lighthouse Award, presented to the station in May 2006 for the exceptional contribution to development of the media sector and role of media in the development of the civil society, for achieving better positioning on the media market with respect of standards and principles of free, independent and professional work of electronic media in the service of public interest.

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