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FM 92,2 MHz

Svetozara Miletića 45 
21 000 Novi Sad
021/420 534
      422 774
      473 92 40
fax: 423 271






The first independent electronic media in Novi Sad. It has been broadcasting programs since August 1, 1997. This radio diffusion enterprise, major capital is private and a package of 18% is owned by the employed. Having such ownership structure, 021 Radio is unique in Yugoslavia.

Since founding it has been exposed to the then regime attacks and also to pressures of local authorities of Novi Sad where the opposition parties came into power in 1997. For two and half years of work it was forbidden twice and the employed kept restarting.

On March 25, 2000, the day after starting the NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia, Federal Ministry of Telecommunications (FMT) took away the transmitter and it has not been returned yet. During the air strikes 021 Radio edited their sight on the Internet. After the bombing was over, thanks to professional solidarity of Best Radio from Sipovo in Republic Serbian and the assistance of Balkans Forum from Cologne, the employed succeeded in starting the programs again on July 26, 1999.

On April 6, 2000 the premises and complete equipment of 021 Radio were burned in a fire. Programs were interrupted for 5 hours only owing to professional solidarity of colleges of ANEM and the independent VK Radio from Kikinda, as well as to assistance of listeners, citizens of Novi Sad. 021 Radio has started the project "Radio from Zero", still in progress.

021 Radio submitted all the required documents to the announced competition of FMT in March 1998 to get work permission. However, 021 Radio is the only electronic medium in Novi Sad that does not have the work permission (FMT has never responded). On the other hand, monthly amounts for frequency usage have been regularly paid to the FMT. All other legal obligations are strictly met by 21 Radio.

After October 5, editorial policy of 021 Radio has remained unchanged.

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