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 Radio Pančevo

FM 92,1 MHz
AM 1584 KHz

Žarka Zrenjanina 1
13 000 Pančevo
013/ 351 351
351 352
351 353
342 887

TV Pančevo

UHF 37

Trg Kralja Petra I 8
13 000 Pančevo
tel./fax: 013/ 318 492








Founded in April 1980 when prepared only 4 hours of local issues program daily. Then "people happened" in Serbia which was broadcast (live) by this radio.

Et the end of eighties Radio Pancevo started following up events in disintegrating Yugoslavia. In this cycle of programs over 200 intellectuals, politicians and artists took part in the programs.
Radio Pancevo reporters were at the spot in March 1991 during opposition happenings in Belgrade.

When war broke out in Bosnia, this radio also witnessed the events. Due to clear anti-war attitude in its policy, in autumn 1992 editorial headed by Ofelija Backovic was replaced as "guilty" for professional attitude relating to reality. When the same authorities effected forced transformation, turning Radio Pancevo into a public enterprise controlled by local power, the longest media strike in this region followed and lasted 6 months. It ended unsuccessfully - transmitter was stolen. The authorities fulfilled their wish and majority of the team left this radio seeking the work that would not man compromise with the profession.

The next 4 years Radio Pancevo served as a means of SPS propaganda.

Recognition of the election results after three months of every-day street and elsewhere protests meant not only constitution of new power of "Zajedno" Coalition, but also the reestablishing professional standards in Radio Pancevo. Ofelija Backocic came back as editor in charge. The program concept extended to reporting from the whole country.
It proved to be of special importance during the NATO air strikes in 1999. After closing the Belgrade Radio B92, only a week after the first bombs fell, Radio Pancevo became the most listened radio in the capital.

This success came out of professional attitude, checked and confirmed information with no inclusions of sensationalism that are of critical value in such times.

Beside informative programs, calm musical matrix was also given top marks from both - listeners and professional team of pedagogues and psychologists.

During the air strikes 2140 hours of various instrumentals were broadcast. The then regime remembered and did not forgive this success. In May 2000 from Milica hill transmitter of Radio Pancevo was stolen and signal-coverage of Belgrade discontinued. Persistence of managing people, visits and letters to relevant administration persons, from the police to state departments including justice courts, did not give positive results.

"Transmitter case" is the most representative example of authorities' repression over Radio Pancevo. After the new editorial staff was formed in 1997, all sorts of controls and inspections were achieved, seeking for reasons to fine or make work of this media house worthless. Financial police, Control of the Fund for pensioners and invalids insurance, Bureau for calculation and payment, Economic criminal inspections, duties officers, even environmental inspector, used to come.

Regardless numerous examples of "legal state functioning" it has never been discovered who set fire in the director's (Ms. Ofelija Backovic) office. How much did the state care for legalization is best illustrated by the case of frequencies for this radio. Relevant Federal Ministry ignored our request to extend term of broadcasting to medium waves, but precisely and timely invoiced usage of FM.
In spite obstacles, Radio Pancevo broadcasts 24 hours of programs daily. News are presented at each whole hour.

Central informative programs are:

  • Morning News at 8 o'clock
  • Parallels at 4 p.m.


  • Quadrature of the circle, political magazine
  • Tunnel, political magazine
  • Whistle and Look, culture program
  • Long Break, intended for school children
  • Actual Thursday, local issues
  • Book of Impressions, contact program
  • Small Night Music, classic music admirers
  • A Train for Jungle, program of jazz
  • Loudly or No-way, YU Rock music
  • Who is singing there, musical quiz
  • Along the other side, ex YU rock
  • Imported Interview, World music scene
  • Alter Ego, techno music
  • Noah's Ark, of Pets
  • Hard Rock Café
  • Blues Café

Prizes received:
Jug Grizelj, 1998
The International Press Center Prize for reporting during the NATO air strikes 1999
Prize of OTPOR Movement

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