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05. 12. 2004


 – OCTOBER 2004 –

Realization: Strategic Marketing & Media Research Institute


Survey on listening of radio programs on the territory of Serbia without Kosovo, carried out in the period of October 11-17, 2004 , is the ninth in a row survey of radio audience realized by the Strategic Marketing SMMRI (the first survey was realized in May 1998). The aim of all these surveys was to measure the auditorium of the most important radio stations in the country, to measure the auditorium of radio stations members and affiliate members of ANEM, as well as to ascertain the most important attitudes concerning listening of radio programs and programs in general.

This report presents the most important results of the survey, and all data were obtained on the basis of Diary which was kept by a total of 6826 respondents from the territory of Serbia without Kosovo (population between 10 and 70 years of age). The respondents kept the Diary for 7 days (from October 11-17, 2004 ). Evidence about listening of programs was kept at 15-minute intervals. Besides the Diary the respondents also answered an additional questionnaire with general type questions related to listening of radio program.

Belgrade, December 2004.



  • Radio stations – ANEM members were listened for 71 minutes a day on average (a year ago – 73 minutes, two years ago – 72 minutes).
  • Radio program was listened for at least 15 minutes in the period of one week by 93.95% of the monitored population aged between 10 and 70. The radio was listened to 182 minutes a day on the average. The previous survey results showed that the radio was listened to for 189 minutes a day in October 2003, 195 minutes in November 2002, and 178 minutes in October 2001.
  • Share of ANEM radio stations in the total radio audience is 8.44% (last year, the ANEM share was 8.39%, two years ago – 7.97%).
  • Total radio audience of ANEM stations was 20.43% of the surveyed population or 1,234,897 listeners for the period of one week (last year – 19.40%, two years ago – 19.76%).
  • For the second time since the beginning of measurements of radio audience, ANEM occupies the first position on the level of the entire country, both from the aspect of total weekly audience, and the share in radio audience. Namely, First program of Radio Belgrade had a lesser weekly audience than ANEM radio stations by circa 132,000 listeners (according to previous survey results, ANEM exceeded Radio Belgrade by 92,000 listeners, whereas two years ago, Radio Belgrade had 145,000 more listeners than ANEM network). The program of this national radio station was listened to for a shorter period (averagely 59 minutes a day). Beside that, share of ANEM radio stations in total radio audience exceeded the share of the First program of Radio Belgrade – 8.44% against 6.26% (a year ago this percentage was 8.39% against 6.6% in favor of ANEM. Two years ago, in October 2002, share of Belgrade 1 was 7.6%, while ANEM's share was 7.79%.
  • These results should be added by a fact that total weekly audience of affiliate members of ANEM is circa 225,000 listeners, with share of 1.5% in total radio audience.
  • Among radio stations – ANEM members, the biggest individual share in ANEM audience is the share of Radio B92 (42.82% of total audience of ANEM network), which is followed by Radio 021 from Novi Sad (together with Multiradio) – 11.67%, then Radio Subotica (programs in Hungarian and Serbian combined) – 10.33%, Radio Petica from Nis – 4.33%, Radio Sombor 1 and 2 – 3.29%, Radio Kraljevo 1 and 2 – 3.22%, Radio Kragujevac 1 and 2 – 3.16% and so on.
  • Among radio stations – ANEM members, Radio B92 had the biggest weekly number of listeners (circa 618,000 listeners), followed by Radio 021 from Novi Sad (circa 74,000 listeners), Radio Petica from Nis (circa 71,000), Radio Kraljevo 1 (circa 52,000), Radio Subotica Hungarian program (46,000), Radio Sombor 1 (42,000 listeners) and so on. At the bottom of the list are the radio stations from municipalities with small number of inhabitants, that is, the stations with relatively small technical reach.

Survey on listening of radio programs on the territory of Serbia (ppt)

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