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28. 02. 2011


For March 2011, ANEM has prepared, in cooperation with A-media Production Company, 5 new episodes of the TV series "Mirror of Power" that presents the different aspects of the problem of potential corruption in local communities.

The thirteenth episode of the TV series "Mirror of Power" deals with the issue of the business conduct of the local community "Berbersko-bolnica" in Zrenjanin. "It's not their money, it's ours", says the resident of this local community and one of the signatory to the citizens' petition aimed at urging the local authorities to look into the business conduct in this community. The budgetary inspector found that, instead for asphalting streets, the funds were inappropriately used for other purposes. One of the former chairmen of the Local Community Council, as well as Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic, speaks for this episode of the series.

The fourteenth episode of the TV series "Mirror of Power" was recorded in Majdanpek and it deals with the following: The decision of the City of Majdanpek's Community Council in 2006 introduced a voluntary tax (self-contribution). This decision stipulates the deduction of 2 percent from monthly salaries of employees at public entities. The decision also provides for this tax to be valid until June this year, by which time 32 million dinars should be collected. Despite the fact that the designated amount was raised back in 2008, this personal contribution tax is still, however, charged. Why is it so - is one of the questions that the president of the City's Local Community Gorcilo Potpara and Majdanpek Mayor Dragan Popovic answer in this episode. Whether the law has been violated in this case and how, is the question that we asked the Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic and Verica Barac from the Anti-Corruption Council.

The fifteenth episode investigates the story in Leskovac, where this municipality has given the London-based City of London College the permission to use the local Army Hall for a period of 25 years. The sixteenth episode raises the question whether and to what extent the pubic companies in Novi Sad are overstaffed. The seventeenth episode is recorded in Belgrade and investigates whether all Belgrade municipalities have published the legally required Informatory of work on their websites.

The information on the contents of the 3 remaining March episodes will be attached at the end of this text, in line with the dynamics of their broadcasting.

This TV series is realized with the financial support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Fund for an Open Society, Serbia (FOSS).




Announcement for the fifteenth episode
Announcement for the sixteenth episode
Announcement for the seventeenth episode

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