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26. 11. 2010

Broadcasting of the TV series “Mirror of Power” starts in December






As of December 2010, ANEM TV stations will begin broadcasting the series "Mirror of Power", which aims to inform and educate citizens about the problem of corruption and contribute to its suppression and prevention. During five months (from December 2010 till April 2011), 20 ten-minute of this series, produced in cooperation of ANEM and A-media production company, will be broadcast once a week throughout Serbia.

In the first month of broadcasting, in December 2010, four episodes will be aired, the first of which seeks answers to questions of what corruption is and how the citizens of Serbia perceive it, while the remaining three episodes, initiated by specific stories from three local communities, deal with the possible forms of corrupt behavior.

The first episode deals with the definition of corruption and the answer to the question - how people react to this phenomenon and whether they accept corruption as an integral part of functioning of the society they live in. Answers to these questions, besides citizens, also provide representatives of professional bodies involved in the fight against corruption - Verica Barac (The Anti-Corruption Council), Zorana Markovic (the Anti-Corruption Agency), Rodoljub Sabic (Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Protection of Personal Data) and Nemanja Nenadic (NGO Transparency Serbia).

The second episode investigates the case of the building of Elementary School "Milovan Glisic" in Valjevo and tries to find out why this construction has lasted for 10 years. The latest in a series of problems related to this case, is the tender announced last year and annulled because of conditions it prescribed, due to which nearly half a million euros has been returned to the Ministry of Education and the municipal budget. Why the tender has prescribed such conditions, and who suffer the most damage, these are the questions to which the Deputy Mayor of Valjevo and representatives of the Valjevo opposition try to give answers in this episode. Is there a possibility that this tender has been fixed, Nemanja Nenadic of the Transparency Serbia will try to retort.

The link between the media and politics can also be an area in which forms of corrupt behavior could be identified. The third episode of this series, recorded in Uzice, deals with the phenomenon of funding of private media by local authorities. It also elaborates on whether the government put pressure on the media and the public with such type of financing, as well as so-called remunerated appearances on local TV stations. Interlocutors in this episode are, among others, the owners of TV and radio stations in Uzice, representatives of local authorities and the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance, Rodoljub Sabic. The citizens of Uzice have also shared their thoughts about this topic and what is a good media reporting.

The fourth episode deals with the conflict of interest, through one specific case from the Kragujevac area. Kragujevac is the leading city in gasification compared to most cities in Serbia. All work related to gasification of the city facilities have been privately done by Zarko Mikic, owner of the K.G.-Uzor Company, who is at the same time an employee of the Directorate for Urban Planning which, inter alia, supervises the technical approval of buildings and installations, including gas installations. Mayor of Kragujevac, Veroljub Stevanovic, argues that the conflict of interest is an undefined category, while the opposition begs to differ. In this episode, the representatives of the Anti-Corruption Agency will attempt to resolve this dilemma.

The series will be broadcast on 26 ANEM regional and local TV stations: RTV OK (Kovacica), TV Jedinstvo (Novi Pazar), RTV Caribrod (Dimitrovgrad), TV VK (Kikinda), TV Smederevo (Smederevo), TV Spektar (Sombor), RTV Kragujevac (Kragujevac), TV Prima (Bajina Basta), TV Soko (Sokobanja), TV Santos (Zrenjanin), TV Valjevo Plus (Valjevo), TV Pozega (Pozega), TV Alfa (Uzice), TV Apolo (Novi Sad), TV Leskovac (Leskovac), TV Mlava (Petrovac on Mlava), TV B92 Info (Belgrade), TV Nezavisna 017 (Vranje), TV Pancevo (Pancevo), TV Timocka (Zajecar), TV YU Eco (Subotica), TV Sumadija (Arandjelovac), TV Trstenik (Trstenik), TV Krusevac (Krusevac), Niska TV (Nis), TV Cacak (Cacak).

TV series "Mirror of power" is being supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Open Society Serbia (FOS).



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