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22. 09. 2009




ANEM in cooperation with the production house A-media, launches the second cycle of the TV series "Power Mad", this time with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). This series is at the same time the continuation of the identically named project which ANEM successfully implemented in the period September 2008-February 2009, with the support of the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA).Positive reactions of the public, but also the effect that the last project had on the local authorities and local media, are the fundamental motive to initiate new cycle.

ANEM has envisaged the project "Power mad/How to be a responsible politician", series of TV features, with the main goal to publicly expose the illegal, dishonest or irresponsible actions done by local politicians and to encourage citizens to demand responsibility from them. In the same time it strengthens the position of local TV stations gathered under the umbrella of Association by providing them to participate and access to quality production material. The series aims to contribute to journalists' self-confidence and their efforts in the area of investigative journalism, as well as to stimulate them to raise various important issues in the name of the public.

Project strives to enhance exposure of government officials' work to public judgment and strengthen the fragile public in Serbia. Primarily, citizens need the full information on their rights. Media are playing crucial part in this process. They have to be watchdogs in the name of the public and constantly follow the topics which demand publicity and transparency in order to ensure respect of democratic principles and standards by people in power.

It is highly important to incite both citizens and media to call upon politicians more often when in breach of law and codes of conduct, and to inspire media to cover this topic more thoroughly and in timely manner.  

It is anticipated that serial tackles some of the essential political issues by focusing on several key norms:

  • Priority of law and public interest over private interest
  • Conscientiousness, honesty and objectivity, public and decency
  • Publicity of work
  • Conflict of interest, abuse of position for accumulation of wealth, bribability

It is planned by the project the production of app. 20, 10-minutes long TV packages, broadcast once a week for 5 months on 27 ANEM local and regional stations, in the period from October 2009 to February 2010. TV features will be recorded in various places in Serbia. Eight journalists (6 local and 2 from Belgrade) participate in the project implementation. The editor of TV series is Jugoslava Siroka.

During 5 months of broadcasting, local audience will be presented with very important topic - (ir)responsible conduct of local authorities. Each TV program will focus on specific aspect of this theme, presenting the case which is at the same time paradigm of the problem and thus in the interest of citizens in all local communities. This way the diverse and interesting content of the programs as well as the broad covering of the main topic of this kind media campaign will be maintained. Local audince will have the opportunity to learn about real meaning of responsible conduct of local politicians in the public interest, hence better identify usurpation of power in personal, group or political interest. At the same time the viewers will be informed on the mechanisms of conduct control of local authorities.

The series will be broadcast on 27 ANEM TV member stations: Niska TV, Nis; RTV Caribrod, Caribrod; RTV Kragujevac, Kragujevac; RTV Kursumlija, Kursumlija; RTV M+, Mladenovac; RTV Mlava, Petrovac na Mlavi; RTV OK,  Kovacica; RTV Pancevo, Pancevo; RTV Prima, Bajina Basta; RTV Sokobanja, Sokobanja; RTV Spektar,  Sombor; RTV Sumadija, Arandjelovac; RTV Trstenik, Trstenik; RTV VK Kikinda, Kikinda; RTV Zajecar, Zajecar; TV Apolo, Novi Sad; TV Cacak, Cacak; TV Jedinstvo, Novi Pazar; TV Leskovac, Leskovac; TV Pirot, Pirot; TV Pozega, Pozega; TV Valjevo, Valjevo; RTV B92, Info cable channel, Belgrade; RTV Krusevac, Krusevac; RTV Mir, Leposavic; RTV Nisava, Nis; RTV Vrnjacka Banja, Vrnjacka Banja.

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