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14. 06. 2013


The production of radio and TV series "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" has started, as part of the activities of the eponymous ANEM project.



After the workshop held in May 2013, when local journalists-correspondents were selected for carrying out specific investigative assignments on location, four local stories were prepared in June to illustrate four selected terms related to corruption. The materials for the series' episodes were recorded in Uzice, Pozarevac and Subotica, describing the terms - 'complaint', 'bribery', 'oversight and control of budget expenditures' and 'public debate'. Currently, recording of the rest of materials for these programs is underway.

The main part of the series' episodes will consist of local stories that adequately illustrate 20 selected terms related to corruption. The recording of stories for the rest of 16 terms is being prepared.

The production of the series is done by ANEM production team from Belgrade, in cooperation with local journalists-correspondents from ANEM local stations. The series is comprised of 21 radio and 21 TV episodes. The production of the series will be concluded in February 2014 and the programs will be aired on ANEM radio and TV stations across Serbia. In addition to the series, the production of promotional radio jingle, TV spot and website banner is foreseen, as promotional tools to be used at the press conference for announcing and timely informing the audience about the launch of the series.



ANEM's Project "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" is financed by the European Union within the Civil Society Facility Programme.



The contents of this text are the sole responsibility of ANEM and can in no way be taken to reflect the views and stands of the European Union.

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