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20. 12. 2011

Production of Radio and Television Programs for ANEM Project “Crossing the Bridge of Diversity”

The production of 20 programs on the topic of ethnic minorities' cultural diversity has started within the project "Crossing the Bridge of Diversity". Two series of 10 ten-minute radio and TV programs, respectively, will be produced and aired on ANEM stations throughout Serbia. The production company "A-Media" has been outsourced for the production of TV programs and post-production of the radio programs, produced by selected journalists from ANEM radio stations, mentored and supervised by the A-Media production team. Through a new approach to the topic of cultural diversities, the programs will be made so as to differ from the stereotypical treatment of such topics and contribute to the education of viewers and listeners with programs' content. The programs will also serve the audience to better understand diversities and bridge the ethnic gap. At the center of each story will be an individual coming from a certain ethnic group, which will serve to reflect the cultural diversities between ethnic groups. The programs will contain stories about these individuals and their daily lives, what their cultural identity is made of, to what extent and how it affects their life. It will also show that cultural diversities are not an unbridgeable obstacle and that the respect thereof, tolerance, dialogue, cooperation and mutual trust and understanding are the best guarantee of peace and security in society. The programs aim to show that stereotypes create ethnic distance and represent a drawback for the development of both minorities and the majority. The radio series is planned for broadcasting in April 2012, while the TV series is planned to be aired in May. The public will be informed on time on a press conference to be held before the start of broadcasting.

Prior to the start of production, in late November 2011, ANEM organized, together with its partner, the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade,  the presentation of the research the partner has carried out for the purposes of this project and proper recommendations to the selected production team. On December 17, 2011 in Belgrade ANEM held a workshop for team members, the purpose of which was to agree upon the concept of the programs, the preliminary topics and the approach thereto, the minorities that would be treated in the programs, as well as the manner of working on the TV and radio programs. Instrumental in that was the results of the research that have shown that: the media seldom report about cultural diversity of ethnic minorities in Serbia and when they do, such reports are stereotypical and fail to contribute to the integration of various ethnic groups living in a certain area; the media features about ethnic minorities are mainly related to particular events and occasions or often to conflicts; the reporting is typically done from the standpoint of the elite; the audience rarely gets the chance to learn about the everyday lives of members of ethnic minorities; the dominant perception about others is to a great extent based on stereotypes that are mutually reinforced by the way the media report to the public about certain cultural patterns; for the purpose of fostering tolerance and pluralism in society, it is necessary to change the current reporting practices about these topics in the media; the journalists and the public consider it is necessary and possible to overcome the current situation with a different approach in tackling these topics. This is precisely what the main task of the production team will be. In the next few months, the team will work on the production of the radio and TV series. For six television journalists - local correspondents and nine local journalists of ANEM radio stations, which will take part in the production of radio programs - it will be the opportunity to educate themselves, through practical work, for future assignments related to the relevant topics.

This project is financially supported by the European Union through the project "Support to Civil Society", managed by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and implemented by GOPA Consultants.

The contents of this text are the sole responsibility of ANEM and can in no way be taken to reflect the views and stands of the European Union.

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