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20. 07. 2011

New episodes of TV series "EKONNEWS" on ANEM stations

Continuing the cooperation with the production company KCMedia, ANEM has enabled its TV stations to broadcast new programs of the TV series „Ekonnews"  free of charge!

This series is composed of four thematic episodes in duration of 25 minutes, broadcast under the common title "Ekonnews". The main topic of the series is positive examples of entrepreneurship in Serbia and reviewing the models of business success. The program was created during the first training for young journalists and student of journalism held this year in the organization of this production company. Programs are diverse, mostly in the form of reportage, made with a number of interlocutors and at different locations.

The first episode contains six TV program parts: E-kapija - story about the establishment one of the most visited internet portals; Potrcko - business growth in short period of time and competition fight;  Human-robot - latest invention of students of the Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering, robot that could even do the chores; Catering - how difficult it is to succeed in development of such a business; Kafanas - tradition as a success mode, Tri šešira, Znak pitanja, Korčagin; Dah Teatar - the first Serbian theater that is implementing the project called "EU Culture" (their new project "Invisible City", performed on buses and streets, has been done in the collaboration with EU partners from the Great Britain and Danmark). The second episode is composed of the following program-parts: Reportage from Gornji Milanovac, examples of the development of big enterprises, the factory "9. Septembar"; integration of small enterprises into big corporations, merging of Belgrade-based company Comutel with one of the biggest system-integrators in Europe, Telelinkom; Women entrepreneurs - European network for the development of women entrepreneurship, positive examples: ethno village near Latkovac and Maja-honey in Belgrade surrounding; Development of privately held print media, magazines Ekonometar and Biznis; Drivers who get you and your car home safely when you go out and drink, Safe Drivers company, innovative ideas for starting up a business; Cricket, a new sport in Serbia, how much time and money will it take to develop and implement such idea;  The third episode has six programs, too: Reportage from Svilajnac, business development at the local level; family cooperatives as a success model, production of church lamps and crowns, family business of the Pancic family; Cinematheque as an institution, projects and plans, how much it has influenced film lovers; DIY, soap production, is it possible to develop a business at your home; kennels of dogs, earning from sales and competitions; Takeaway fashion - commercial design and entrepreneurship, selling  through social networks (Facebook). The last, fourth episode contains the most interesting parts of the previous episodes.  

Starting from the end of July 2011, the series has been broadcast on the following 17 local and regional TV stations: RTV VK, Kikinda; RTV Caribrod, Dimitrovgrad; TV Leskovac, Leskovac; TV Niska, Nis; TV Spektar, Sombor; TV Smederevo, Smederevo; RTV OK, Kovacica; RTV Pancevo, Pancevo; RTV Mag Obrenovac; TV Alfa, Uzice; TV Cacak, Cacak; Timocka TV, Zajecar; TV Jedinstvo, Novi Pazar; RTV Trstenik, Trstenik;  RTV YU Eco, Subotica; RTV Mlava, Petrovac na Mlavi i B92 Info, Beograd

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