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22. 12. 2008


ANEM TV stations have joined the action of British humanitarian organization Save the children in carrying out the campaign „For real“, which promotes inclusive education and  affirms the right to equal access to quality education for all the children. Main goal of this annual campaign, designed in cooperation with agency “Kreativa New Formula”, is to raise awareness of general public and reach all-embracing support to inclusive education in our schools, as well as to influence the relevant stakeholders in the society, which are of crucial importance in implementation of such project. 

Given the importance of public campaign and its expected long term effects on children and society in general, Save the children asked ANEM stations to hold up the realization of the project. As campaign foresees several different activities, including broadcasting campaign video ads, our stations were asked to help the campaign by free-of-charge broadcasting of three short promotional video clips (duration of app. 20 seconds each) during the December 08/January 09.

16 ANEM TV stations have accepted the Save the children proposal and they are supporting the campaign “For real” through broadcasting of the campaign videos according to their possibilities and program scheme. This gesture shows that ANEM stations have recognized the need to raise the public awareness regarding the necessity for quality education for all children.  

Campaign “For real” anticipates several different channels of communication – distribution of the newspapers “Inclusive” to deputies in Serbian Parliament, video material broadcasting, letters directed to Ministry of Education and school managers, placing billboards and promotional video material put on air in 190 Belgrade public transportation buses during December 2008. SMS part of the campaign, anticipated to last till April 2009, is also planned. All financial support gathered in this manner will be directed to the project targeted at the most vulnerable population of children. Depending on the collected amount, the money will be used to help schools to adapt its facilities for inclusive education, purchase of modern technical equipment and school supplies, as well as for general improvement of school work. 

16 ANEM stations which supported this campaign with free broadcasting of TV spots were: TV Panovizija, TV VK Kikinda, TV Pirot, TV Pozega, TV Valjevo, TV Kragujevac, TV Niska, TV Kraljevo, TV Mlava, TV Devic, TV Sokobanja, TV Nisava, TV Kovacica, TV Spektar Sombor, TV Zajecar i TV Trstenik.

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