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31. 08. 2009





ANEM is pleased to announce First issue of specialized Publication “Legal Monitoring of Serbian Media Scene”, which is a part of greater project “Legal Monitoring of Serbian Media Sector and Follow - up activities”. ANEM implements this project in cooperation with its Law Office “Zivkovic & Samardzic”, supported by USAID and IREX Serbia.

Within this project, ANEM has envisaged creation and publishing of Publication as its special activity aimed at promotion of monitoring results in a new way: through further expert elaborations of some important media issues. Relying on the results of previously three-monthly monitoring, each of Publication’s issues will contain an introduction with a short review of conducted monitoring and expert author’s texts on topics that have been estimated as relevant for the media in that period. The authors of two texts will be the lawyers from monitoring team. Regards to the rest of contents, two articles will be written by independent experts and one will be the contribution of other media organization or NGO’s. This work provides for important additional information and experts’ opinions that enable better understanding of media situation. Publication will be issued quarterly, both in electronic and printed form. It is bilingual, on Serbian and English, as it is intended for indigenous and foreign public as well. Each of  Publication's issues will be sent via ANEM mailing lists to partners and stakeholders and available at the Association’s website, while the printed editions will be promoted at round tables to be held in Belgrade.   

ANEM considers that this way it will also contribute to positive changes to the media regulatory framework and media environment which are needed for further democratization of society.

This First issue of specialized Publication is an upgrading of legal monitoring conducted from May to July 2009.

Publication I, introduced here, contains:

• Introduction (with summarized three-monthly monitoring results and an assessment of the media situation in Serbia for that period),

and expert authors’ texts:

• author Slobodan Kremenjak, lawyer:
1. Case studies: Freedom of Expression Breaches (three characteristic cases, which illustrate special type of threatening to freedom of expression and freedom of media in Serbia- by inadequate judicial practice that is contrary to national regulations  and ratified international treaties, even more intensively opposite to the European Court of Human Rights judicial practice).
2. Amendments to the Broadcasting Law (chronology and analysis of alterations of the Broadcasting Law, which relate to composition and election of the Republican Broadcasting Agency Council; special emphasis on the latest law changes from the May of this year, as a first in a number rough changes to regulatory framework in this period)

• author Mr Vladimir Maric:
3. New Law on Copyright and Related Rights (overview of this draft Law and its new solutions important to media; it will significantly improve the position of electronic media before collective societies if adopted in the proposed wording)

• author Mr Jelena Surculija:
4. The process of transition from analog to digital broadcasting in the Republic of Serbia (review of adopted Strategy for transition to digital  broadcasting as it provides a framework for implementation of this important transition process for electronic media)

• Document of Council of Europe (taken over from the web site of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe with permission):
5.  Indicators for media in a democracy (consists of Resolution 1636 (2008) and Recommendation 1848 (2008), adopted by Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on 3 October 2008 and both like that jointly named; it puts forward a list of 27 “basic principles” which it regards as a suitable basis for analyses of the media situations in Council of Europe Member States) 

COMPLETE bilingual PUBLICATION I is available here

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