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06. 08. 2009





Working for the benefit of its members and entire Serbian media sector as well, ANEM has set as one of its primary goals the establishment of independent legal framework that enables media operating according to democratic and market principals. ANEM project “Legal Monitoring of the Serbian Media Sector and Follow - up Activities”, represents its one step toward achievement of the mentioned goal.

ANEM implements this project in cooperation with its Legal Department, “Zivkovic & Samardzic” Law Office, specialized for media law. This project is made possible by the support of USAID and IREX Serbia.

Current media situation in Serbia, forces the urgent continuance of media reforms. These changes are necessary in the field of media legislations in order to facilitate the realization of transition processes (especially privatization and digitalization) and development of favorable media market, as well. Additionally, it is of vital need for the progress of media to ensure unobstructed practicing of media freedom and freedom of expression, as well as strengthening of media independence from political and economic influence. That comprises the different treatment of media by all relevant social factors, especially the Establishment, which didn’t show enough of willingness to solve many problems that are crucial for further development of media sector.

Wishing to contribute to further media reforms and improvement of media regulatory framework, ANEM has envisaged through this project, comprehensive and continuous monitoring of the media sector, as the main project activity. Starting from the May 2009, monitoring is being conducted by the “Zivkovic&Samardzic” Law Office. The project plans to utilize the expert legal advice and assistance of the named office in order to achieve a high level of competency and credibility. During the monitoring, vast media-related experience and expert knowledge of lawyers will facilitate the proper identifying of all potential shortcomings and problematic issues that affect media position. Monitoring includes, but is not restricted to: freedom of expression; media regulatory framework (the existing laws and related rules; the adoption process of new laws and regulations), actions of authorities, regulatory bodies and organizations related to media, as well as transition processes. Moreover, all other relevant issues for the creation of favorable media environment will be the subject of monitoring.

Monitoring of media scene will be conducted continuously and over a long period. Expert team in charge of monitoring will provide monthly reports. These reports will contain the facts collected through the monitoring, expert analysis as well as proficient opinion and the evaluation of media situation in Serbia for that period. All reports will be available on ANEM web site.

The results of monitoring will be the basis for all other ANEM advocacy activities aimed at  better position of broadcasters and progress of entire Media Sector.
In order to disseminate the results of monitoring and legal expertise to all relevant experts, organizations, donors and other stakeholders interested in improvement of the media sector, ANEM will undertake various follow-up activities: web presentation, creation and distribution of Monitoring News Letter  and issuance of specialized Publication.

All information of project implementation, undertaken actions and the results of those actions will be available at ANEM web site. The new web site will be reconstructed at the beginning of the autumn, with the support from USAID and IREX Serbia. It will enable better presentation of all ANEM activities, in a user-friendly manner for the web site visitors. Monitoring project will have a separate section, visible at the home page, which will contain all the most important information about this Project. Moreover, interaction with all interested parties will be ensured. Namely, they will be given opportunity to place their comments and suggestions and ask questions on the website.

Besides, ANEM has planned the creation of Monitoring Newsletters, especially for this project needs. These Letters will provide all relevant information on implemented project activities and announce the forthcoming actions.  Monitoring Newsletters will be distributed via ANEM and Media Center Belgrade mailing lists. 

Additionally, ANEM has envisaged quarterly issues of the specialized Publication in electronic and printed format. Apart from introduction with a short review of the previously conducted three-monthly monitoring, each issue of the Publication will include professional papers on the topics which were assessed as significant for the media in the observed period. The proficient authors’ texts will provide additional information and expert opinions which will facilitate the better understanding of certain key issues for media. The Publication will be sent to ANEM mailing lists and will be available on the Association’s website. Printed editions of each issue will be promoted at round tables to be held in Belgrade. 

Through this multiple promotion of project activities and results, ANEM will ensure the better informing of wider media public about all important issues for development of Sector. ANEM believes that the results of monitoring will provide adequate tools to enable the media organizations and stakeholders interested in improvement of media sector to use the information in their own endeavors or in some joint actions aimed to achievement of needed changes.

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