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27. 05. 2014

ANEM Round Table "Role of the Media in the Fight against Corruption", 28 May 2014

ANEM round table "Role of the Media in the Fight against Corruption" will be held on 28 May 2014 (Wednesday) at Media Center Belgrade, starting at 13.00. The round table is organised within the project "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption", implemented by ANEM in partnership with the Anti-Corruption Agency, and financed by the European Union.

The event will gather representatives of media and media/journalists' associations, media experts, representatives of institutions and non-governmental sector.

The goal of the event is to foster discussion on the role of the media in preventing and fighting corruption, on the conditions needed for the media to successfully fulfill this role, and on the improvement of cooperation among three important actors - media, non-governmental sector and institutions - in solving the problem of corruption.

This round table is the final activity on the project the main goal of which is to contribute to a more efficient prevention and fight against corruption by a more active inclusion of citizens and the media in the process.

Agenda of the Round Table: 

  • Introduction: ANEM Project "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption"

Milorad Tadić, ANEM president

  • I part: Fight against Corruption and Prevention of Corruption

Moderator:  Zlatko Minić, consultant on the project

Introductory speeches:

Prof. Vladimir Goati, PhD, president, Transparency Serbia

Zlata Đorđević, deputy president, Board of the Anti-Corruption Agency

  • II part: Media and the Fight against Corruption - Role of the Media and Conditions for Fulfilling it

Moderator: Nedim Sejdinović, Independent Journalists' Association of Vojvodina (NDNV)

Introductory speeches:

Vukašin Obradović, president, Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia (NUNS)

Zoran Sekulić, president of the Managing Board, Association of Media

Milorad Tadić, president, Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM)

  • III part: Media, NGO Sector and Responsible Institutions - Cooperation in the Fight against Corruption

Moderator: Nemanja Nenadić, Transparency Serbia

Introductory speeches:

Rodoljub Šabić, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection

Veran Matić, News Editor-in-Chief, B92

Dubravka Filipovski, member of GOPAC in Serbia, National Assembly

  • IV part: Conclusions and Recommendations

Moderator: Miloš Stojković, member of the ANEM legal team


About the Project 'Illustrated Glossary of Corruption'

The key activity on the project was the production and broadcasting of radio and TV series "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption", which were broadcast as of 24 March 2014 by 25 TV and 40 radio stations of the ANEM network throughout Serbia. Using local stories as illustrations, the series explains terms related to corruption, its prevention and the fight against corruption. The series is comprised of 21 radio and 21 TV episodes. Each of 20 episodes is dedicated to one term, while the last, 21st episode, sums up the previous ones. The episodes are available on the ANEM website and on the ANEM YouTube channel. "Guide for Journalists on Reporting about Corruption" was also produced within the project, intended for ANEM stations and available to them. The electronic "Glossary of Corruption" targets media, citizens and other interested parties. Using examples, the "Glossary" explains key terms related to corruption, prevention of corruption and the fight against it. The "Glossary of Corruption" is available on the ANEM website.

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ANEM's Project "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" is financed by the European Union within the Civil Society Facility Programme.



The contents of this text are the sole responsibility of ANEM and can in no way be taken to reflect the views and stands of the European Union. 

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