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15. 06. 2012

Report from ANEM round table “Reporting on court proceedings”

Aiming to gather judges, prosecutors and journalists to share their experiences and identify the problems they have in their work regarding the reporting on court proceedings, on June 15, ANEM organized a roundtable on this topic at the UNS press center, with the support of IREX Serbia and USAID. Panelists at this roundtable were Aleksandar Ivanovic, judge of the High Court in Belgrade, Goran Ilic, president of the Association of Serbian Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutor, Slobodan Kremenjak, ANEM lawyer and expert in media law, Veran Matic, chief news editor of B92, ANEM member station and Vukasin Obradovic, NUNS president. Moderator of the roundtable was Vesna Zivkovic, attorney at law the law office "Zivkovic & Samardzic".

The event was attended by a significant number of stakeholders, over 45 - of which a large number of representatives of the judiciary, presidents of the courts, judges, spokespersons and advisors from basic, higher and appellate courts in Belgrade and other courts in Serbia (Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Cacak, Zajecar, Jagodina and Požarevac), President of the Serbian Judges' Association, representatives of the Faculty of Law and representatives of the prosecution, spokespersons and public prosecutor's deputies (Prosecution for War Crimes, Appellate Public Prosecutors' Office in Belgrade and Novi Sad, the First Basic Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Cacak), the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection and Senior Advisor to the Ombudsman's expert office and the Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society. Also, a significant number of representatives of electronic and print media were present, as well as directors, chief editors and journalists (RTV B92, RTV Vojvodina, RTK Kragujevac, TV Panonija from Novi Sad, Sremska TV from Sid, Radio Srbobran, Radio Bus from Kovin, Radio Ozon from Cacak, Radio Plus from Pirot, dailies Press, Politica, Danas, Kurir, news agencies Beta, Tanjug, Bank Online); representatives of NGOs (Humanitarian Law Center, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights) as well as several representatives of the donor community and international organizations (FOS, OSCE, USAID, IREX) and the representative of the Dutch Embassy.

This activity was supported by USAID and IREX. 

The whole Report from round table is available here

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